Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments

Shumilina EV, Negulyaev YA, Morachevskaya EA, Hinssen H, Khaitlina SY (2003)

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Shumilina, EV; Negulyaev, YA; Morachevskaya, EA; Hinssen, HorstUniBi; Khaitlina, SY
Abstract / Bemerkung
Ion transport in various tissues can be regulated by the cortical actin cytoskeleton. Specifically, involvement of actin dynamics in the regulation of nonvoltage-gated sodium channels has been shown. Herein, inside-out patch clamp experiments were performed to study the effect of the heterodimeric actin capping protein CapZ on sodium channel regulation in leukemia K562 cells. The channels were activated by cytochalasin-induced disruption of actin filaments and inactivated by G-actin under ionic conditions promoting rapid actin polymerization. CapZ had no direct effect on channel activity. However, being added together with G-actin, CapZ prevented actin-induced channel inactivation, and this effect occurred at CapZ/actin molar ratios from 1:5 to 1:100. When actin was allowed to polymerize at the plasma membrane to induce partial channel inactivation, subsequent addition of CapZ restored the channel activity. These results can be explained by CapZ-induced inhibition of further assembly of actin filaments at the plasma membrane due to the modification of actin dynamics by CapZ. No effect on the channel activity was observed in response to F-actin, confirming that the mechanism of channel inactivation does not involve interaction of the channel with preformed filaments. Our data show that actin-capping protein can participate in the cytoskeleton-associated regulation of sodium transport in nonexcitable cells.
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Shumilina EV, Negulyaev YA, Morachevskaya EA, Hinssen H, Khaitlina SY. Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL. 2003;14(4):1709-1716.
Shumilina, E. V., Negulyaev, Y. A., Morachevskaya, E. A., Hinssen, H., & Khaitlina, S. Y. (2003). Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL, 14(4), 1709-1716.
Shumilina, EV, Negulyaev, YA, Morachevskaya, EA, Hinssen, Horst, and Khaitlina, SY. 2003. “Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments”. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 14 (4): 1709-1716.
Shumilina, E. V., Negulyaev, Y. A., Morachevskaya, E. A., Hinssen, H., and Khaitlina, S. Y. (2003). Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 14, 1709-1716.
Shumilina, E.V., et al., 2003. Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL, 14(4), p 1709-1716.
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Shumilina, E.V., Negulyaev, Y.A., Morachevskaya, E.A., Hinssen, H., Khaitlina, S.Y.: Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL. 14, 1709-1716 (2003).
Shumilina, EV, Negulyaev, YA, Morachevskaya, EA, Hinssen, Horst, and Khaitlina, SY. “Regulation of sodium channel activity by capping of actin filaments”. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 14.4 (2003): 1709-1716.

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