The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language

Weiss S, Müller HM (2003)
Brain and Language 85(2): 325-343.

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The contribution of EEG coherence analysis to the investigation of cognition and, in particular, language processing is demonstrated with examples of recent EEG studies. The concept of EEG coherence analysis is explained, and its importance emphasized in the light of recent neurobiological findings on frequency-dependent synchrony as a code of information processing between nerve cell assemblies. Furthermore, EEG coherence studies on naturally spoken and written word and sentence processing are reviewed and experimental results are presented giving new insights into the occurrence of "transient functional language centers" within the brain. (C) 2003 Elsevier Science (USA). All rights reserved.
verbal memory; sentence processing; abstract; word processing; phase analysis; concrete; EEG coherence; frequency bands; review; spoken language
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Weiss S, Müller HM. The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language. Brain and Language. 2003;85(2):325-343.
Weiss, S., & Müller, H. M. (2003). The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language. Brain and Language, 85(2), 325-343.
Weiss, Sabine, and Müller, Horst M. 2003. “The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language”. Brain and Language 85 (2): 325-343.
Weiss, S., and Müller, H. M. (2003). The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language. Brain and Language 85, 325-343.
Weiss, S., & Müller, H.M., 2003. The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language. Brain and Language, 85(2), p 325-343.
S. Weiss and H.M. Müller, “The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language”, Brain and Language, vol. 85, 2003, pp. 325-343.
Weiss, S., Müller, H.M.: The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language. Brain and Language. 85, 325-343 (2003).
Weiss, Sabine, and Müller, Horst M. “The contribution of EEG coherence to the investigation of language”. Brain and Language 85.2 (2003): 325-343.
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