Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection

Frohnmeyer H, Staiger D (2003)
Plant Physiology 133(4): 1420-1428.

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Frohnmeyer, Hanns; Staiger, DorotheeUniBi
Plant Physiology
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Frohnmeyer H, Staiger D. Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection. Plant Physiology. 2003;133(4):1420-1428.
Frohnmeyer, H., & Staiger, D. (2003). Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection. Plant Physiology, 133(4), 1420-1428. https://doi.org/10.1104/pp.103.030049
Frohnmeyer, Hanns, and Staiger, Dorothee. 2003. “Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection”. Plant Physiology 133 (4): 1420-1428.
Frohnmeyer, H., and Staiger, D. (2003). Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection. Plant Physiology 133, 1420-1428.
Frohnmeyer, H., & Staiger, D., 2003. Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection. Plant Physiology, 133(4), p 1420-1428.
H. Frohnmeyer and D. Staiger, “Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection”, Plant Physiology, vol. 133, 2003, pp. 1420-1428.
Frohnmeyer, H., Staiger, D.: Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection. Plant Physiology. 133, 1420-1428 (2003).
Frohnmeyer, Hanns, and Staiger, Dorothee. “Ultraviolet-B radiation-mediated responses in plants. Balancing damage and protection”. Plant Physiology 133.4 (2003): 1420-1428.

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