Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction

Reimann P, Evstigneev M (2004)

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We propose a theoretical model for friction force microscopy experiments with special emphasis on the realistic description of dissipation and inertia effects. Its main prediction is a nonmonotonic dependence of the friction force upon the sliding velocity of the atomic force microscope tip relative to an atomically flat surface. The region around the force maximum can be approximately described by a universal scaling law and should be observable under experimentally realistic conditions.
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Reimann P, Evstigneev M. Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. 2004;93(23): 230802.
Reimann, P., & Evstigneev, M. (2004). Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 93(23), 230802.
Reimann, P., and Evstigneev, M. (2004). Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 93:230802.
Reimann, P., & Evstigneev, M., 2004. Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 93(23): 230802.
P. Reimann and M. Evstigneev, “Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction”, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, vol. 93, 2004, : 230802.
Reimann, P., Evstigneev, M.: Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS. 93, : 230802 (2004).
Reimann, Peter, and Evstigneev, Mykhaylo. “Nonmonotonic velocity dependence of atomic friction”. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 93.23 (2004): 230802.

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