Spindles, mitochondria and redox potential in ageing oocytes

Eichenlaub-Ritter U, Vogt E, Yin H, Gosden R (2004)

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Eichenlaub-Ritter, UrsulaUniBi; Vogt, E; Yin, H; Gosden, R
Abstract / Bemerkung
Studies of human oocytes obtained from women of advanced reproductive age revealed that spindles are frequently aberrant, with chromosomes sometimes failing to align properly at the equator during meiosis I and II. Chromosomal analyses of donated and spare human oocytes and cytogenetic and molecular studies on the origin of trisomies collectively suggest that errors in chromosome segregation during oogenesis increase with advancing maternal age and as the menopause approaches. Disturbances in the fidelity of chromosome segregation, especially at anaphase I, leading to aneuploidy are prime causes of reduced developmental competence of embryos in assisted reproduction, as well as being responsible for the genesis of genetic disease. This review provides an overview of spindle formation and chromosome behaviour in mammalian oocytes. Evidence of a link between abnormal mitochondrial function in oocytes and somatic follicular cells, and finally disturbances in chromosome cohesion and segregation, and cell cycle control in aged mammalian oocytes, are also discussed.
ageing oocytes; chromosome segregation; mitochondria; potential; redox; aneuploidy
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Eichenlaub-Ritter U, Vogt E, Yin H, Gosden R. Spindles, mitochondria and redox potential in ageing oocytes. REPRODUCTIVE BIOMEDICINE ONLINE. 2004;8(1):45-58.
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