Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula

Vieweg MF, Hohnjec N, Küster H (2005)
PLANTA 220(5): 757-766.

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Vieweg, M. F.; Hohnjec, N.; Küster, Helge
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The MtTrHb1 and MtTrHb2 genes of the model legume Medicago truncatula Gaertn. encode proteins homologous to truncated hemoglobins (TrHb) from plants and a range of different microorganisms. Induction of MtTrHb1 in root nodules and expression of MtTrHb2 in root nodules, as well as in mycorrhizal roots, were shown by quantitative real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The promoters of both genes were PCR-amplified and fused to the gusAint coding region. By analysing these gusAint-fusions in transgenic root tissues, we were able to localize their activity in root nodules and in roots colonized by arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. Whereas the promoter of MtTrHb1 was activated in the infected cells of the nitrogen-fixing zone of root nodules, the MtTrHb2 promoter was predominantly active in the nodule vascular tissue. This expression pattern correlates with the presence of an 'organ-specific element (OSE)-like sequence in the MtTrHb1 promoter, which is not present in the MtTrHb2 regulatory unit. Concerning the AM symbiosis, only the MtTrHb2 promoter mediated an expression in arbuscule-containing cells and in the root vascular tissue of mycorrhizal root segments colonized by the fungus Glomus intraradices.
plant 2-on-2 hemoglobins; nitric oxide; rhizobia; Medicago; mycorrhiza; symbiosis
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Vieweg MF, Hohnjec N, Küster H. Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula. PLANTA. 2005;220(5):757-766.
Vieweg, M. F., Hohnjec, N., & Küster, H. (2005). Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula. PLANTA, 220(5), 757-766.
Vieweg, M. F., Hohnjec, N., and Küster, Helge. 2005. “Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula”. PLANTA 220 (5): 757-766.
Vieweg, M. F., Hohnjec, N., and Küster, H. (2005). Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula. PLANTA 220, 757-766.
Vieweg, M.F., Hohnjec, N., & Küster, H., 2005. Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula. PLANTA, 220(5), p 757-766.
M.F. Vieweg, N. Hohnjec, and H. Küster, “Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula”, PLANTA, vol. 220, 2005, pp. 757-766.
Vieweg, M.F., Hohnjec, N., Küster, H.: Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula. PLANTA. 220, 757-766 (2005).
Vieweg, M. F., Hohnjec, N., and Küster, Helge. “Two genes encoding different truncated hemoglobins are regulated during root nodule and arbuscular mycorrhiza symbioses of Medicago truncatula”. PLANTA 220.5 (2005): 757-766.

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