Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight

Kern R, van Hateren JH, Michaelis C, Lindemann JP, Egelhaaf M (2005)
PLoS Biology 3(6): e171-1138.

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PLoS Biology
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Kern R, van Hateren JH, Michaelis C, Lindemann JP, Egelhaaf M. Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight. PLoS Biology. 2005;3(6):e171-1138.
Kern, R., van Hateren, J. H., Michaelis, C., Lindemann, J. P., & Egelhaaf, M. (2005). Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight. PLoS Biology, 3(6), e171-1138. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.0030171
Kern, R., van Hateren, J. H., Michaelis, C., Lindemann, J. P., and Egelhaaf, M. (2005). Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight. PLoS Biology 3, e171-1138.
Kern, R., et al., 2005. Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight. PLoS Biology, 3(6), p e171-1138.
R. Kern, et al., “Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight”, PLoS Biology, vol. 3, 2005, pp. e171-1138.
Kern, R., van Hateren, J.H., Michaelis, C., Lindemann, J.P., Egelhaaf, M.: Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight. PLoS Biology. 3, e171-1138 (2005).
Kern, Roland, van Hateren, JH, Michaelis, C, Lindemann, Jens Peter, and Egelhaaf, Martin. “Function of a fly motion-sensitive neuron matches eye movements during free flight”. PLoS Biology 3.6 (2005): e171-1138.
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