Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation

Taatjes CA, Hansen N, McIlroy A, Miller JA, Senosiain JP, Klippenstein SJ, Qi F, Sheng LS, Zhang YW, Cool TA, Wang J, et al. (2005)
SCIENCE 308(5730): 1887-1889.

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Taatjes, C. A.; Hansen, N.; McIlroy, A.; Miller, J. A.; Senosiain, J. P.; Klippenstein, S. J.; Qi, F.; Sheng, L. S.; Zhang, Y. W.; Cool, T. A.; Wang, J.; Westmoreland, P. R.
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Models for chemical mechanisms of hydrocarbon oxidation rely on spectrometric identification of molecular structures in flames. Carbonyl (keto) compounds are well-established combustion intermediates. However, their less-stable enol tautomers, bearing OH groups adjacent to carbon-carbon double bonds, are not included in standard models. We observed substantial quantities of two-, three-, and four-carbon enols by photoionization mass spectrometry of flames burning representative compounds from modern fuel blends. Concentration profiles demonstrate that enol flame chemistry cannot be accounted for purely by keto-enol tautomerization. Currently accepted hydrocarbon oxidation mechanisms will likely require revision to explain the formation and reactivity, of these unexpected compounds.
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Taatjes CA, Hansen N, McIlroy A, et al. Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation. SCIENCE. 2005;308(5730):1887-1889.
Taatjes, C. A., Hansen, N., McIlroy, A., Miller, J. A., Senosiain, J. P., Klippenstein, S. J., Qi, F., et al. (2005). Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation. SCIENCE, 308(5730), 1887-1889. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1112532
Taatjes, C. A., Hansen, N., McIlroy, A., Miller, J. A., Senosiain, J. P., Klippenstein, S. J., Qi, F., et al. 2005. “Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation”. SCIENCE 308 (5730): 1887-1889.
Taatjes, C. A., Hansen, N., McIlroy, A., Miller, J. A., Senosiain, J. P., Klippenstein, S. J., Qi, F., Sheng, L. S., Zhang, Y. W., Cool, T. A., et al. (2005). Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation. SCIENCE 308, 1887-1889.
Taatjes, C.A., et al., 2005. Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation. SCIENCE, 308(5730), p 1887-1889.
C.A. Taatjes, et al., “Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation”, SCIENCE, vol. 308, 2005, pp. 1887-1889.
Taatjes, C.A., Hansen, N., McIlroy, A., Miller, J.A., Senosiain, J.P., Klippenstein, S.J., Qi, F., Sheng, L.S., Zhang, Y.W., Cool, T.A., Wang, J., Westmoreland, P.R., Law, M.E., Kasper, T., Kohse-Höinghaus, K.: Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation. SCIENCE. 308, 1887-1889 (2005).
Taatjes, C. A., Hansen, N., McIlroy, A., Miller, J. A., Senosiain, J. P., Klippenstein, S. J., Qi, F., Sheng, L. S., Zhang, Y. W., Cool, T. A., Wang, J., Westmoreland, P. R., Law, M. E., Kasper, T., and Kohse-Höinghaus, Katharina. “Enols are common intermediates in hydrocarbon oxidation”. SCIENCE 308.5730 (2005): 1887-1889.

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