Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage

Reiss G, Hütten A (2005)
Nature Materials 4(10): 725-726.

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Nature Materials
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Reiss G, Hütten A. Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage. Nature Materials. 2005;4(10):725-726.
Reiss, G., & Hütten, A. (2005). Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage. Nature Materials, 4(10), 725-726.
Reiss, Günter, and Hütten, Andreas. 2005. “Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage”. Nature Materials 4 (10): 725-726.
Reiss, G., and Hütten, A. (2005). Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage. Nature Materials 4, 725-726.
Reiss, G., & Hütten, A., 2005. Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage. Nature Materials, 4(10), p 725-726.
G. Reiss and A. Hütten, “Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage”, Nature Materials, vol. 4, 2005, pp. 725-726.
Reiss, G., Hütten, A.: Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage. Nature Materials. 4, 725-726 (2005).
Reiss, Günter, and Hütten, Andreas. “Magnetic nanoparticles: Applications beyond data storage”. Nature Materials 4.10 (2005): 725-726.

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