Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging

Kurtz R, Fricke M, Kalb J, Tinnefeld P, Sauer M (2006)
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 151(2): 276-286.

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Kurtz, RafaelUniBi; Fricke, M; Kalb, J; Tinnefeld, P; Sauer, MarkusUniBi
visual system; beamsplitter; temporal resolution; calcium imaging; two-photon; microscopy; invertebrate
Journal of Neuroscience Methods
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Kurtz R, Fricke M, Kalb J, Tinnefeld P, Sauer M. Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 2006;151(2):276-286.
Kurtz, R., Fricke, M., Kalb, J., Tinnefeld, P., & Sauer, M. (2006). Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 151(2), 276-286.
Kurtz, Rafael, Fricke, M, Kalb, J, Tinnefeld, P, and Sauer, Markus. 2006. “Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging”. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 151 (2): 276-286.
Kurtz, R., Fricke, M., Kalb, J., Tinnefeld, P., and Sauer, M. (2006). Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 151, 276-286.
Kurtz, R., et al., 2006. Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 151(2), p 276-286.
R. Kurtz, et al., “Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging”, Journal of Neuroscience Methods, vol. 151, 2006, pp. 276-286.
Kurtz, R., Fricke, M., Kalb, J., Tinnefeld, P., Sauer, M.: Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 151, 276-286 (2006).
Kurtz, Rafael, Fricke, M, Kalb, J, Tinnefeld, P, and Sauer, Markus. “Application of multiline two-photon microscopy to functional in vivo imaging”. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 151.2 (2006): 276-286.
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