Bacteriophages of freshwater Brevundimonas vesicularis isolates

Beilstein F, Dreiseikelmann B (2006)

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Nine strains of Brevundimonas vesicularis were isolated from surface water of three ponds in Bielefeld. Germany. With those strains as indicators seven bacteriophages with different host ranges were isolated. Molecular characterization showed that all phages contained linear double-stranded DNA with a similar genome size of about 37 kb. Restriction analysis and hybridization of phage DNAs revealed that three of these phages are closely related to each other. These phages had morphologies typical of the family Siphoviridae. Their genomes contained cohesive ends. Four phages were classified into the family of Podoviridae. Restriction analysis of the DNAs of these phages did not reveal any similarities. The DNA of these phages were terminally redundant. All phages were unable to transduce plasmids or market genes. (c) 2005 Elsevier SAS. All rights reserved.
bacteriophage; freshwater isolates; Brevundimonas vesicularis
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Beilstein F, Dreiseikelmann B. Bacteriophages of freshwater Brevundimonas vesicularis isolates. RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY. 2006;157(3):213-219.
Beilstein, F., & Dreiseikelmann, B. (2006). Bacteriophages of freshwater Brevundimonas vesicularis isolates. RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY, 157(3), 213-219.
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Beilstein, F., & Dreiseikelmann, B., 2006. Bacteriophages of freshwater Brevundimonas vesicularis isolates. RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY, 157(3), p 213-219.
F. Beilstein and B. Dreiseikelmann, “Bacteriophages of freshwater Brevundimonas vesicularis isolates”, RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY, vol. 157, 2006, pp. 213-219.
Beilstein, F., Dreiseikelmann, B.: Bacteriophages of freshwater Brevundimonas vesicularis isolates. RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY. 157, 213-219 (2006).
Beilstein, F, and Dreiseikelmann, Brigitte. “Bacteriophages of freshwater Brevundimonas vesicularis isolates”. RESEARCH IN MICROBIOLOGY 157.3 (2006): 213-219.

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