Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces

Frantescu A, Tönsing K, Neumann E (2006)

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The electroporative transfer of gene DNA and other bioactive substances into tissue cells by electric pulses gains increasing importance in the new disciplines of electrochemotherapy and electrogenetherapy. The efficiency of the electrotransfer depends crucially on the adsorption of the gene DNA and oligonucleotides to the plasma cell membranes. Here it is shown that the adsorption of larger oligonucleotides such as fragments (ca. 300 bp) of sonicated calf-thymus DNA, to anionic lipids of unilamellar vesicles (diameter Phi = 300 +/- 90 nm) is greatly enhanced by divalent cations such as Ca2+-ions. Applying centrifugation, bound and free DNA are monitored optically at the wavelength = 260 nm. Using arsenazo III as a Ca2+-indicator and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), Ca2+-titrations of DNA and vesicles yield the individual equilibrium constants of Ca2+-and DNA-binding not only for the binary complexes: Ca/lipids, Ca/DNA and DNA/lipids, respectively, but also for the various processes to form the ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids. The data provide the basis for goal-directed optimization protocols for the adsorption and thus efficient electrotransfer of oligonucleotides and polynucleotides into cells. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
electrified; membrane interface; monolayer adsorption; polynucleotides; Ca2+-binding constants; oligonucleotides; complex thermodynamics
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Frantescu A, Tönsing K, Neumann E. Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces. BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY. 2006;68(2):158-170.
Frantescu, A., Tönsing, K., & Neumann, E. (2006). Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces. BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY, 68(2), 158-170.
Frantescu, A., Tönsing, K., and Neumann, E. (2006). Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces. BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY 68, 158-170.
Frantescu, A., Tönsing, K., & Neumann, E., 2006. Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces. BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY, 68(2), p 158-170.
A. Frantescu, K. Tönsing, and E. Neumann, “Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces”, BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY, vol. 68, 2006, pp. 158-170.
Frantescu, A., Tönsing, K., Neumann, E.: Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces. BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY. 68, 158-170 (2006).
Frantescu, A, Tönsing, Katja, and Neumann, Eberhard. “Interfacial ternary complex DNA/Ca/lipids at anionic vesicle surfaces”. BIOELECTROCHEMISTRY 68.2 (2006): 158-170.

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