Bioanalysis in structured microfluidic systems

Ros A, Hellmich W, Regtmeier J, Duong TT, Anselmetti D (2006)
Electrophoresis 27(13): 2651-2658.

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Ros, Alexandra; Hellmich, Wibke; Regtmeier, JanUniBi; Duong, Thanh Tu; Anselmetti, DarioUniBi
Abstract / Bemerkung
Microfluiclic and lab-on-a-chip devices have attracted widespread interest in separation sciences and bioanalysis. Recent designs in microfluidic devices extend common separation concepts by exploiting new phenomena for molecular dynamics on a length scale of 10 mu m and below, giving rise to novel manipulation tools and nonintuitive phenomena for microseparations. Here, we focus on three very recent developments for bioseparations based on tailored microfluidic systems: Single cell navigation, trapping and steering with subsequent on-chip lysis, protein separation and LIF detection (Section 3.1), then we report dielectrophoretic trapping and separation of large DNA fragments in structured microfluidic devices (Section 3.2). Finally, a paradoxial migration phenomenon based on thermal fluctuations, periodically arranged microchannels and a biased alternating current electric field is presented in Section 3.3.
DNA; single cell; protein; microfluidic device; migration phenomena; analytics
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Ros A, Hellmich W, Regtmeier J, Duong TT, Anselmetti D. Bioanalysis in structured microfluidic systems. Electrophoresis. 2006;27(13):2651-2658.
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Ros, Alexandra, Hellmich, Wibke, Regtmeier, Jan, Duong, Thanh Tu, and Anselmetti, Dario. “Bioanalysis in structured microfluidic systems”. Electrophoresis 27.13 (2006): 2651-2658.

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