Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair

Simova O, Irintchev A, Mehanna A, Liu J, Dihne M, Baechle D, Sewald N, Loers G, Schachner M (2006)
ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 60(4): 430-437.

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Simova, Olga; Irintchev, Andrey; Mehanna, Ali; Liu, Jiankun; Dihne, Marcel; Baechle, Dirk; Sewald, NorbertUniBi ; Loers, Gabriele; Schachner, Melitta
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Objective: The outcome of peripheral nerve repair is often unsatisfactory, and efficient therapies are not available. We tested the therapeutic potential of functional mimics of the human natural killer cell glycan (3-sulfoglucuronyl beta 1-3 galactoside) (HNK-1) epitope, a carbohydrate indicated to favor specificity of motor reinnervation in mice. Methods: We applied a linear HNK-1 mimic peptide, scrambled peptide, or vehicle substances in polyethylene cuffs used to reconstruct the severed femoral nerves of adult mice. We used video-based motion analysis and morphological and tracing techniques to monitor the outcome of nerve repair. Results: After glycomimetic application, quadriceps muscle function recovered to 93% of normal within 3 months. Restoration of function was less complete (71-76%) in control groups. Better functional recovery was associated with larger motoneuron somata, better axonal myelination in the quadriceps nerve, and enhanced precision of target reinnervation. Lesion-induced death of motoneurons was reduced by 20 to 25%. The glycomimetic enhanced survival and neurite outgrowth of both mouse and human motoneurons in vitro by 30 to 75%. Application of a novel cyclic glycomimetic also enhanced functional recovery in vivo. Interpretation: The improved outcome of nerve repair after glycomimetic application may be attributed to neurotrophic effects. Our results hold promise for therapeutic use in humans.
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Simova O, Irintchev A, Mehanna A, et al. Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY. 2006;60(4):430-437.
Simova, O., Irintchev, A., Mehanna, A., Liu, J., Dihne, M., Baechle, D., Sewald, N., et al. (2006). Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY, 60(4), 430-437.
Simova, Olga, Irintchev, Andrey, Mehanna, Ali, Liu, Jiankun, Dihne, Marcel, Baechle, Dirk, Sewald, Norbert, Loers, Gabriele, and Schachner, Melitta. 2006. “Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair”. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 60 (4): 430-437.
Simova, O., Irintchev, A., Mehanna, A., Liu, J., Dihne, M., Baechle, D., Sewald, N., Loers, G., and Schachner, M. (2006). Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 60, 430-437.
Simova, O., et al., 2006. Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY, 60(4), p 430-437.
O. Simova, et al., “Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair”, ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY, vol. 60, 2006, pp. 430-437.
Simova, O., Irintchev, A., Mehanna, A., Liu, J., Dihne, M., Baechle, D., Sewald, N., Loers, G., Schachner, M.: Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY. 60, 430-437 (2006).
Simova, Olga, Irintchev, Andrey, Mehanna, Ali, Liu, Jiankun, Dihne, Marcel, Baechle, Dirk, Sewald, Norbert, Loers, Gabriele, and Schachner, Melitta. “Carbohydrate mimics promote functional recovery after peripheral nerve repair”. ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 60.4 (2006): 430-437.

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