Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males

Galoch Z, Bischof H-J (2007)
Behavioural Processes 74(1): 21-26.

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Galoch, Zdzislaw; Bischof, Hans-JoachimUniBi
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A major problem for communication research is to provide standardized stimuli and to disentangle the relative contribution of different sensory channels to the compound signal and its effectiveness. Video techniques have frequently been used for this purpose. Fifty Hertz cathode ray tube (CRT) screens cannot be used for birds because their flicker frequency is lower than the time resolution of at least songbirds. Thin film transistor (TFF) screens have successfully been used to present video clips of behaving conspecifics. We show here that they are indeed transmitting video images in a way that enables zebra finches to react appropriately to live video images of conspecifics and that the test birds are able to detect small differences in the behaviour of the stimulus animals. Adding acoustic information strongly enhanced the reaction to the video clips. (c) 2006 Published by Elsevier B.V.
multimodal communication; video clips; courtship behaviour
Behavioural Processes
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Galoch Z, Bischof H-J. Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males. Behavioural Processes. 2007;74(1):21-26.
Galoch, Z., & Bischof, H. - J. (2007). Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males. Behavioural Processes, 74(1), 21-26.
Galoch, Zdzislaw, and Bischof, Hans-Joachim. 2007. “Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males”. Behavioural Processes 74 (1): 21-26.
Galoch, Z., and Bischof, H. - J. (2007). Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males. Behavioural Processes 74, 21-26.
Galoch, Z., & Bischof, H.-J., 2007. Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males. Behavioural Processes, 74(1), p 21-26.
Z. Galoch and H.-J. Bischof, “Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males”, Behavioural Processes, vol. 74, 2007, pp. 21-26.
Galoch, Z., Bischof, H.-J.: Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males. Behavioural Processes. 74, 21-26 (2007).
Galoch, Zdzislaw, and Bischof, Hans-Joachim. “Behavioural responses to video playbacks by zebra finch males”. Behavioural Processes 74.1 (2007): 21-26.

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