Influence of follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol on aneuploidy rate and precocious chromatid segregation in aged mouse oocytes

Cukurcam S, Betzendahl I, Michel G, Vogt E, Hegele-Hartung C, Lindenthal B, Eichenlaub-Ritter U (2007)
HUMAN REPRODUCTION 22(3): 815-828.

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Cukurcam, S.; Betzendahl, I.; Michel, G.; Vogt, E.; Hegele-Hartung, C.; Lindenthal, B.; Eichenlaub-Ritter, UrsulaUniBi
Abstract / Bemerkung
BACKGROUND: Follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol (FF-MAS) protects young oocytes from precocious chromatid separation (predivision). Reduced expression of cohesion and checkpoint proteins and predivision has been hypothesized to occur in age-related aneuploidy in oocytes. METHODS: To know whether FF-MAS also protects aged oocytes from predivision and from age-related non-disjunction, we analysed chromosome constitution in mouse oocytes matured spontaneously with or without 10 mu M FF-MAS and in hypoxanthine (HX)-arrested young and aged oocytes induced to resume maturation by FF-MAS. Messenger RNA for checkpoint protein MAD2 and cohesion protein SMC1 beta was compared between oocytes matured with or without FF-MAS. RESULTS: Aged oocytes possessed many bivalents with single distal chiasma at meiosis I. Predivision was especially high in aged oocytes cultured sub-optimally to metaphase II in alpha-minimum essential medium (alpha-MEM). FF-MAS reduced predivision significantly (P < 0.001) but neither reduced non-disjunction nor induced aneuploidy in aged oocytes. Polyploidy was high in FF-MAS-stimulated maturation, in particular in the aged oocytes (P > 0.001). Relative levels of Smc1 beta mRNA appeared increased by maturation in FF-MAS, and mitochondrial clustering was restored. CONCLUSIONS: Sister chromatids of aged oocytes appear to be highly susceptible to precocious chromatid separation, especially when maturation is under sub-optimal conditions, e.g. in the absence of cumulus and FF-MAS. This may relate to some loss of chromatid cohesion during ageing. FF-MAS protects aged oocytes from predivision during maturation, possibly by supporting Smc1 beta expression, thus reducing risks of meiotic errors, but it cannot prevent age-related non-disjunction. Aged oocytes appear prone to loss of co-ordination between nuclear maturation and cytokinesis suggesting age-related relaxed cell cycle control.
maturation; oocyte; meiosis; non-disjunction; age
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Cukurcam S, Betzendahl I, Michel G, et al. Influence of follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol on aneuploidy rate and precocious chromatid segregation in aged mouse oocytes. HUMAN REPRODUCTION. 2007;22(3):815-828.
Cukurcam, S., Betzendahl, I., Michel, G., Vogt, E., Hegele-Hartung, C., Lindenthal, B., & Eichenlaub-Ritter, U. (2007). Influence of follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol on aneuploidy rate and precocious chromatid segregation in aged mouse oocytes. HUMAN REPRODUCTION, 22(3), 815-828.
Cukurcam, S., Betzendahl, I., Michel, G., Vogt, E., Hegele-Hartung, C., Lindenthal, B., and Eichenlaub-Ritter, Ursula. 2007. “Influence of follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol on aneuploidy rate and precocious chromatid segregation in aged mouse oocytes”. HUMAN REPRODUCTION 22 (3): 815-828.
Cukurcam, S., Betzendahl, I., Michel, G., Vogt, E., Hegele-Hartung, C., Lindenthal, B., and Eichenlaub-Ritter, U. (2007). Influence of follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol on aneuploidy rate and precocious chromatid segregation in aged mouse oocytes. HUMAN REPRODUCTION 22, 815-828.
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Cukurcam, S., Betzendahl, I., Michel, G., Vogt, E., Hegele-Hartung, C., Lindenthal, B., and Eichenlaub-Ritter, Ursula. “Influence of follicular fluid meiosis-activating sterol on aneuploidy rate and precocious chromatid segregation in aged mouse oocytes”. HUMAN REPRODUCTION 22.3 (2007): 815-828.

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