Biochemical applications of surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy

Ataka K, Heberle J (2007)

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Ataka, Kenichi; Heberle, Joachim
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An overview is presented on the application of surface-enhanced infrared absorption (SEIRA) spectroscopy to biochemical problems. Use of SEIRA results in high surface sensitivity by enhancing the signal of the adsorbed molecule by approximately two orders of magnitude and has the potential to enable new studies, from fundamental aspects to applied sciences. This report surveys studies of DNA and nucleic acid adsorption to gold surfaces, development of immunoassays, electron transfer between metal electrodes and proteins, and protein-protein interactions. Because signal enhancement in SEIRA uses surface properties of the nano-structured metal, the biomaterial must be tethered to the metal without hampering its functionality. Because many biochemical reactions proceed vectorially, their functionality depends on proper orientation of the biomaterial. Thus, surface-modification techniques are addressed that enable control of the proper orientation of proteins on the metal surface.
membrane; self-assembled monolayer; electron transfer; protein; FTIR
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Ataka K, Heberle J. Biochemical applications of surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy. ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. 2007;388(1):47-54.
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Ataka, Kenichi, and Heberle, Joachim. “Biochemical applications of surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy”. ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 388.1 (2007): 47-54.

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