Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants

Vorwieger A, Gryczka C, Czihal A, Douchkov D, Tiedemann J, Mock H-P, Jakoby M, Weisshaar B, Saalbach I, Baumlein H (2007)
Planta 226(1): 147-158.

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Vorwieger, A.; Gryczka, C.; Czihal, A.; Douchkov, D.; Tiedemann, J.; Mock, H.-P.; Jakoby, M.; Weisshaar, BerndUniBi ; Saalbach, I.; Baumlein, H.
factor; riboflavin; basic helix-loop-helix; transcription; iron assimilation
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Vorwieger A, Gryczka C, Czihal A, et al. Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants. Planta. 2007;226(1):147-158.
Vorwieger, A., Gryczka, C., Czihal, A., Douchkov, D., Tiedemann, J., Mock, H. - P., Jakoby, M., et al. (2007). Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants. Planta, 226(1), 147-158.
Vorwieger, A., Gryczka, C., Czihal, A., Douchkov, D., Tiedemann, J., Mock, H.-P., Jakoby, M., Weisshaar, Bernd, Saalbach, I., and Baumlein, H. 2007. “Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants”. Planta 226 (1): 147-158.
Vorwieger, A., Gryczka, C., Czihal, A., Douchkov, D., Tiedemann, J., Mock, H. - P., Jakoby, M., Weisshaar, B., Saalbach, I., and Baumlein, H. (2007). Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants. Planta 226, 147-158.
Vorwieger, A., et al., 2007. Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants. Planta, 226(1), p 147-158.
A. Vorwieger, et al., “Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants”, Planta, vol. 226, 2007, pp. 147-158.
Vorwieger, A., Gryczka, C., Czihal, A., Douchkov, D., Tiedemann, J., Mock, H.-P., Jakoby, M., Weisshaar, B., Saalbach, I., Baumlein, H.: Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants. Planta. 226, 147-158 (2007).
Vorwieger, A., Gryczka, C., Czihal, A., Douchkov, D., Tiedemann, J., Mock, H.-P., Jakoby, M., Weisshaar, Bernd, Saalbach, I., and Baumlein, H. “Iron assimilation and transcription factor controlled synthesis of riboflavin in plants”. Planta 226.1 (2007): 147-158.

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