Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating

Getfert S, Reimann P (2009)
PHYSICAL REVIEW E 80(3): 30101.

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The problem of thermally activated escape over a potential barrier is solved by means of path integrals for one-dimensional reaction dynamics with very general time dependences. For a suitably chosen but still quite simple static potential landscape, the net escape rate may be substantially reduced by temporally increasing the temperature above its unperturbed constant level.
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Getfert S, Reimann P. Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating. PHYSICAL REVIEW E. 2009;80(3): 30101.
Getfert, S., & Reimann, P. (2009). Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating. PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 80(3), 30101.
Getfert, Sebastian, and Reimann, Peter. 2009. “Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating”. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 80 (3): 30101.
Getfert, S., and Reimann, P. (2009). Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 80:30101.
Getfert, S., & Reimann, P., 2009. Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating. PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 80(3): 30101.
S. Getfert and P. Reimann, “Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating”, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, vol. 80, 2009, : 30101.
Getfert, S., Reimann, P.: Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating. PHYSICAL REVIEW E. 80, : 30101 (2009).
Getfert, Sebastian, and Reimann, Peter. “Suppression of thermally activated escape by heating”. PHYSICAL REVIEW E 80.3 (2009): 30101.

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