The Grapevine R2R3-MYB Transcription Factor VvMYBF1 Regulates Flavonol Synthesis in Developing Grape Berries

Czemmel S, Stracke R, Weisshaar B, Cordon N, Harris NN, Walker AR, Robinson SP, Bogs J (2009)
Plant Physiology 151(3): 1513-1530.

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Czemmel, Stefan; Stracke, RalfUniBi ; Weisshaar, BerndUniBi ; Cordon, Nicole; Harris, Nilangani N.; Walker, Amanda R.; Robinson, Simon P.; Bogs, Jochen
Plant Physiology
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Czemmel S, Stracke R, Weisshaar B, et al. The Grapevine R2R3-MYB Transcription Factor VvMYBF1 Regulates Flavonol Synthesis in Developing Grape Berries. Plant Physiology. 2009;151(3):1513-1530.
Czemmel, S., Stracke, R., Weisshaar, B., Cordon, N., Harris, N. N., Walker, A. R., Robinson, S. P., et al. (2009). The Grapevine R2R3-MYB Transcription Factor VvMYBF1 Regulates Flavonol Synthesis in Developing Grape Berries. Plant Physiology, 151(3), 1513-1530.
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Czemmel, Stefan, Stracke, Ralf, Weisshaar, Bernd, Cordon, Nicole, Harris, Nilangani N., Walker, Amanda R., Robinson, Simon P., and Bogs, Jochen. “The Grapevine R2R3-MYB Transcription Factor VvMYBF1 Regulates Flavonol Synthesis in Developing Grape Berries”. Plant Physiology 151.3 (2009): 1513-1530.

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Flavonoids are differentially taken up and transported long distances in Arabidopsis.
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Ectopic expression of VvMybPA2 promotes proanthocyanidin biosynthesis in grapevine and suggests additional targets in the pathway.
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Variation in expression and protein localization of the PIN family of auxin efflux facilitator proteins in flavonoid mutants with altered auxin transport in Arabidopsis thaliana.
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TT2, TT8, and TTG1 synergistically specify the expression of BANYULS and proanthocyanidin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana.
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Inducible in vivo DNA footprints define sequences necessary for UV light activation of the parsley chalcone synthase gene.
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Flavonoid-specific staining of Arabidopsis thaliana.
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Dual DNA binding specificity of a petal epidermis-specific MYB transcription factor (MYB.Ph3) from Petunia hybrida.
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Towards functional characterisation of the members of the R2R3-MYB gene family from Arabidopsis thaliana.
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PMID: 9839469

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