The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation

Stracke R, Favory J-J, Gruber H, Bartelniewoehner L, Bartels S, Binkert M, Funk M, Weisshaar B, Ulm R (2010)
Plant Cell and Environment 33(1): 88-103.

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Stracke, RalfUniBi ; Favory, Jean-Jacques; Gruber, Henriette; Bartelniewoehner, Lutz; Bartels, Sebastian; Binkert, Melanie; Funk, Markus; Weisshaar, BerndUniBi ; Ulm, Roman
flavonoids; MYB12; UV-B tolerance; gene expression; abiotic stress
Plant Cell and Environment
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Stracke R, Favory J-J, Gruber H, et al. The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation. Plant Cell and Environment. 2010;33(1):88-103.
Stracke, R., Favory, J. - J., Gruber, H., Bartelniewoehner, L., Bartels, S., Binkert, M., Funk, M., et al. (2010). The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation. Plant Cell and Environment, 33(1), 88-103. doi:10.1111/j.1365-3040.2009.02061.x
Stracke, R., Favory, J. - J., Gruber, H., Bartelniewoehner, L., Bartels, S., Binkert, M., Funk, M., Weisshaar, B., and Ulm, R. (2010). The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation. Plant Cell and Environment 33, 88-103.
Stracke, R., et al., 2010. The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation. Plant Cell and Environment, 33(1), p 88-103.
R. Stracke, et al., “The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation”, Plant Cell and Environment, vol. 33, 2010, pp. 88-103.
Stracke, R., Favory, J.-J., Gruber, H., Bartelniewoehner, L., Bartels, S., Binkert, M., Funk, M., Weisshaar, B., Ulm, R.: The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation. Plant Cell and Environment. 33, 88-103 (2010).
Stracke, Ralf, Favory, Jean-Jacques, Gruber, Henriette, Bartelniewoehner, Lutz, Bartels, Sebastian, Binkert, Melanie, Funk, Markus, Weisshaar, Bernd, and Ulm, Roman. “The Arabidopsis bZIP transcription factor HY5 regulates expression of the PFG1/MYB12 gene in response to light and ultraviolet-B radiation”. Plant Cell and Environment 33.1 (2010): 88-103.

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