Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel

Miras HN, Cooper GJT, Long D-L, Bögge H, Müller A, Streb C, Cronin L (2010)
SCIENCE 327(5961): 72-74.

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Miras, Haralampos N.; Cooper, Geoffrey J. T.; Long, De-Liang; Bögge, HartmutUniBi; Müller, AchimUniBi ; Streb, Carsten; Cronin, Leroy
Abstract / Bemerkung
Self-assembly has proven a powerful means of preparing structurally intricate nanomaterials, but the mechanism is often masked by the common one-pot mixing procedure. We employed a flow system to study the steps underlying assembly of a previously characterized molybdenum oxide wheel 3.6 nanometers in diameter. We observed crystallization of an intermediate structure in which a central {Mo-36} cluster appears to template the assembly of the surrounding {Mo-150} wheel. The transient nature of the template is demonstrated by its ejection after the wheel is reduced to its final electronic state. The template's role in the self-assembly mechanism is further confirmed by the deliberate addition of the template to the reaction mixture, which greatly accelerates the assembly time of the {Mo-150} wheel and increases the yield.
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Miras HN, Cooper GJT, Long D-L, et al. Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel. SCIENCE. 2010;327(5961):72-74.
Miras, H. N., Cooper, G. J. T., Long, D. - L., Bögge, H., Müller, A., Streb, C., & Cronin, L. (2010). Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel. SCIENCE, 327(5961), 72-74. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1181735
Miras, H. N., Cooper, G. J. T., Long, D. - L., Bögge, H., Müller, A., Streb, C., and Cronin, L. (2010). Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel. SCIENCE 327, 72-74.
Miras, H.N., et al., 2010. Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel. SCIENCE, 327(5961), p 72-74.
H.N. Miras, et al., “Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel”, SCIENCE, vol. 327, 2010, pp. 72-74.
Miras, H.N., Cooper, G.J.T., Long, D.-L., Bögge, H., Müller, A., Streb, C., Cronin, L.: Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel. SCIENCE. 327, 72-74 (2010).
Miras, Haralampos N., Cooper, Geoffrey J. T., Long, De-Liang, Bögge, Hartmut, Müller, Achim, Streb, Carsten, and Cronin, Leroy. “Unveiling the Transient Template in the Self-Assembly of a Molecular Oxide Nanowheel”. SCIENCE 327.5961 (2010): 72-74.

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