Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation

Egelhaaf M (2008)
Current Biology 18(8): R339-R341.

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Current Biology
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Egelhaaf M. Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation. Current Biology. 2008;18(8):R339-R341.
Egelhaaf, M. (2008). Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation. Current Biology, 18(8), R339-R341. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2008.02.046
Egelhaaf, M. (2008). Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation. Current Biology 18, R339-R341.
Egelhaaf, M., 2008. Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation. Current Biology, 18(8), p R339-R341.
M. Egelhaaf, “Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation”, Current Biology, vol. 18, 2008, pp. R339-R341.
Egelhaaf, M.: Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation. Current Biology. 18, R339-R341 (2008).
Egelhaaf, Martin. “Fly vision: Neural mechanisms of motion computation”. Current Biology 18.8 (2008): R339-R341.
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