Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes

Wobbe L, Schwarz C, Nickelsen J, Kruse O (2008)

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Wobbe, LutzUniBi ; Schwarz, Christian; Nickelsen, Joerg; Kruse, OlafUniBi
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It is getting more and more evident that photosynthetic gene expression is fine-tuned by translation regulation factors encoded in the nucleus of photosynthetic cells. The research of the past decades led to the identification of several nucleus-encoded protein factors that recognize cis-acting elements in plastid transcripts, thereby modulating the stoichiometry and abundance of photosynthetic multisubunit complexes. Despite of its importance for photoacclimatory processes, the investigation of pathways that regulate translation of nuclear-encoded photosynthetic genes is still in its infancy. This review summarizes the yet known paradigms of translation control in chloroplast and cytosol of photosynthetic eukaryotes.
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Wobbe L, Schwarz C, Nickelsen J, Kruse O. Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM. 2008;133(3):507-515.
Wobbe, L., Schwarz, C., Nickelsen, J., & Kruse, O. (2008). Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 133(3), 507-515.
Wobbe, L., Schwarz, C., Nickelsen, J., and Kruse, O. (2008). Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 133, 507-515.
Wobbe, L., et al., 2008. Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 133(3), p 507-515.
L. Wobbe, et al., “Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes”, PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, vol. 133, 2008, pp. 507-515.
Wobbe, L., Schwarz, C., Nickelsen, J., Kruse, O.: Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM. 133, 507-515 (2008).
Wobbe, Lutz, Schwarz, Christian, Nickelsen, Joerg, and Kruse, Olaf. “Translational control of photosynthetic gene expression in phototrophic eukaryotes”. PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM 133.3 (2008): 507-515.

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