Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling

Repetto O, Rogniaux H, Firnhaber C, Zuber H, Kuester H, Larre C, Thompson R, Gallardo K (2008)
PLANT JOURNAL 56(3): 398-410.

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Repetto, Ombretta; Rogniaux, Helene; Firnhaber, Christian; Zuber, Helene; Kuester, Helge; Larre, Colette; Thompson, Richard; Gallardo, Karine
M. truncatula; seed development; nuclear proteome
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Repetto O, Rogniaux H, Firnhaber C, et al. Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling. PLANT JOURNAL. 2008;56(3):398-410.
Repetto, O., Rogniaux, H., Firnhaber, C., Zuber, H., Kuester, H., Larre, C., Thompson, R., et al. (2008). Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling. PLANT JOURNAL, 56(3), 398-410. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1365-313X.2008.03610.x
Repetto, O., Rogniaux, H., Firnhaber, C., Zuber, H., Kuester, H., Larre, C., Thompson, R., and Gallardo, K. (2008). Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling. PLANT JOURNAL 56, 398-410.
Repetto, O., et al., 2008. Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling. PLANT JOURNAL, 56(3), p 398-410.
O. Repetto, et al., “Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling”, PLANT JOURNAL, vol. 56, 2008, pp. 398-410.
Repetto, O., Rogniaux, H., Firnhaber, C., Zuber, H., Kuester, H., Larre, C., Thompson, R., Gallardo, K.: Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling. PLANT JOURNAL. 56, 398-410 (2008).
Repetto, Ombretta, Rogniaux, Helene, Firnhaber, Christian, Zuber, Helene, Kuester, Helge, Larre, Colette, Thompson, Richard, and Gallardo, Karine. “Exploring the nuclear proteome of Medicago truncatula at the switch towards seed filling”. PLANT JOURNAL 56.3 (2008): 398-410.

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