Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin

Kanwar N, Fayyazi A, Backofen B, Nitsche M, Dressel R, Fischer von Mollard G (2008)

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Kanwar, Namita; Fayyazi, Afshin; Backofen, Bianca; Nitsche, Mirko; Dressel, Ralf; Fischer von Mollard, GabrieleUniBi
Knockout mouse; SNARE; Thymus; Apoptosis; T-cell
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Kanwar N, Fayyazi A, Backofen B, Nitsche M, Dressel R, Fischer von Mollard G. Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH. 2008;334(2):227-242.
Kanwar, N., Fayyazi, A., Backofen, B., Nitsche, M., Dressel, R., & Fischer von Mollard, G. (2008). Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH, 334(2), 227-242. doi:10.1007/s00441-008-0692-7
Kanwar, N., Fayyazi, A., Backofen, B., Nitsche, M., Dressel, R., and Fischer von Mollard, G. (2008). Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH 334, 227-242.
Kanwar, N., et al., 2008. Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH, 334(2), p 227-242.
N. Kanwar, et al., “Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin”, CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH, vol. 334, 2008, pp. 227-242.
Kanwar, N., Fayyazi, A., Backofen, B., Nitsche, M., Dressel, R., Fischer von Mollard, G.: Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH. 334, 227-242 (2008).
Kanwar, Namita, Fayyazi, Afshin, Backofen, Bianca, Nitsche, Mirko, Dressel, Ralf, and Fischer von Mollard, Gabriele. “Thymic alterations in mice deficient for the SNARE protein VAMP8/endobrevin”. CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH 334.2 (2008): 227-242.

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