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2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2909037
Echo State Networks as Novel Approach for Low-Cost Myoelectric Control
Prahm C, Schulz A, Paaßen B, Aszmann O, Hammer B, Dorffner G (In Press)
In: Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 2017). ten Telje A, Holmes JH, Sacchi L, Popow C (Eds); Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10259. Springer.
2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2911718
Size Matters: Effects of Relative Distance on the Acceptability of Spatial Prepositions
Kluth T, Burigo M, Schultheis H, Knoeferle P (Accepted)
In: Proceedings of the 10th Embodied and Situated Language Processing Conference. Moscow, Russia.
2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2909223
Hyperarticulation Aids Learning of New Vowels in a Developmental Speech Acquisition Model
Philippsen A, Reinhart F, Wrede B, Wagner P (2017)
Presented at the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Anchorage, Alaska.
2017 | Conference Abstract | PUB-ID: 2910526
Hexapedal Inter-Leg Coordination via Physical Coupling Only
Gollin A, Hoinville T, Dürr V (2017)
Presented at the 12th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen.
2017 | Conference Abstract | PUB-ID: 2911556
A local, load-based mechanism for inter-leg coordination in insects
Dallmann C, Hoinville T, Dürr V, Schmitz J (2017)
Presented at the 12th Göttingen Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2906356
Conquaire: Towards an architecture supporting continuous quality control to ensure reproducibility of research
Ayer V, Pietsch C, Vompras J, Schirrwagen J, Wiljes C, Jahn N, Cimiano P (2017)
D-Lib Magazine, CNRI (USA) 23(1/2).
2017 | Book Chapter | PUB-ID: 2908552
Modeling the Directionality of Attention During Spatial Language Comprehension
Kluth T, Burigo M, Knoeferle P (2017)
In: Agents and Artificial Intelligence. van den Herik J, Filipe J (Eds); Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10162. Springer International Publishing: 283-301.
2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2909571
A Connected Chair as Part of a Smart Home Environment
Hesse M, Krause AF, Vogel L, Chamadiya B, Schilling M, Schack T, Jungeblut T (Accepted)
Presented at the IEEE 14th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks, Eindhoven.
2017 | Book Chapter | PUB-ID: 2911527
Optische Vermessung bewegter Rotationskörper in industriellen Fertigungsanlagen
Wittenfeld F, Hesse M, Jungeblut T (2017)
In: Wissenschaftsforum Intelligente Technische Systeme (WInTeSys) 2017. Bodden E, Dressler F, Dumitrescu R, Gausemeier J, Meyer auf der Heide F, Scheytt C, Trächtler A (Eds); Verlagsschriftenreihe des Heinz Nixdorf Instituts, 369. Paderborn: Heinz Nixdorf Institut, Universität Paderborn: 241-253.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2909372
Efficient Kernelization of Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction
Schulz A, Brinkrolf J, Hammer B (2017)
Neurocomputing accepted.
2017 | Conference Abstract | PUB-ID: 2911472
Comprehensibility in L2 speech: lexical stress versus sentence accent
Antje H, Nimz K, Wagner P (Accepted)
In: Proceedings of ProPro 2017: Processing prosody across languages, varieties, and nativeness. Tübingen, Germany.
2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2910276
Self-other distinction in the motor system during social interaction: A computational model based on predictive processing
Kahl S, Kopp S (In Press)
Presented at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2017), London, UK.
2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2908201
Feature Relevance Bounds for Linear Classification
Göpfert C, Pfannschmidt L, Hammer B (Accepted)
In: Proceedings of the ESANN. 25th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2908744
Perceptual attraction in tool-use: evidence for a reliability-based weighting mechanism
Debats N, Ernst MO, Heuer H (2017)
Journal of Neurophysiology 117(4): 1569-1580.
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2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2909140
Does the User's Evaluation of a Socially Assistive Robot Change Based on Presence and Companionship Type?
Schneider S, Kummert F (2017)
In: Proceedings of the Companion of the 2017 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction - HRI '17. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).
2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2906869
Adaptive Robot Language Tutoring Based on Bayesian Knowledge Tracing and Predictive Decision-Making
Schodde T, Bergmann K, Kopp S (2017)
In: Proceedings of ACM/IEEE HRI 2017. ACM Press: 128-136.
2017 | Conference Abstract | PUB-ID: 2910787
The influence of change size on transsaccadic shape prediction
Köller CP, Herwig A (2017)
Abstracts of the 59th Conference of Experimental Psychologists (TeaP): 17.
2017 | Bielefeld Dissertation | PUB-ID: 2910425 PUB | PDF
2017 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2908555
Modularization of Domain-Specific Languages for Extensible Component-Based Robotic Systems
Wigand DL, Nordmann A, Goerlich M, Wrede S (2017)
In: Proceedings of the First IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing.

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