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2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2914092
Henke NA, Wiebke D, Perez F, Peters-Wendisch P, Wendisch VF (Accepted)
Coproduction of cell-bound and secreted value-added compounds: simultaneous production of carotenoids and amino acids by Corynebacterium glutamicum.
Bioresorce Technology.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2906790
Lee J-H, Wendisch VF (2017)
Biotechnological production of aromatic compounds of the extended shikimate pathway from renewable biomass.
J Biotechnol 257: 211-221.
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2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2910629
Perez F, Ziert C, Risse JM, Wendisch VF (2017)
Improved fermentative production of the compatible solute ectoine by Corynebacterium glutamicum from glucose and alternative carbon sources.
J Biotechnol 258: 59-68.
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2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2913749
Sant'Anna F, Ambrosini A, Fernandes GD, Bach E, de Souza R, Balsanelli E, Baura V, Fernandes de Brito L, Wendisch VF, Pedrosa FD, Souza EM, Passaglia L (Accepted)
Reclassification of Paenibacillus riograndensis as a genomovar of Paenibacillus sonchi: genome-based metrics improve bacterial taxonomic classification.
Front. Microbiol. 8: 1849.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2913898
Wendisch VF (Accepted)
Journal Club: Calvin-Zyklus-Enzym reguliert Methanol-Stoffwechsel.
BIOspektrum 06.17.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2913019
Farnberger JE, Lorenz E, Richter N, Wendisch VF, Kroutil W (2017)
In vivo Plug-and-play: A Modular Multi-enzyme Single-cell Catalyst for the Asymmetric Amination of Ketoacids and Ketones.
Microbial Cell Factories 16: 132.
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2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2907021
Irla M, Naerdal I, Brautaset T, Wendisch VF (2017)
Methanol-based γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) production by genetically engineered Bacillus methanolicus strains.
Industrial Crops and Products 106: 12-20.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2909055
Pfeifenschneider J, Brautaset T, Wendisch VF (2017)
Methanol as carbon source in the bio-economy: Metabolic engineering of aerobic methylotrophic bacteria for production of value-added chemicals.
Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining 11: 719-731.
2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2913367
Baumgart M, Unthan S, Kloss R, Radek A, Polen T, Tenhaef N, Müller MF, Küberl A, Siebert D, Brühl N, Marin K, Hans S, Krämer R, Bott M, Kalinowski J, Wiechert W, Seibold G, Frunzke J, Rückert C, Wendisch VF, Noack S (2017)
Corynebacterium glutamicum chassis C1*: Building and testing a novel platform host for synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology.
ACS Synthetic Biology.
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2017 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2912419
Taniguchi H, Busche T, Patschkowski T, Niehaus K, Patek M, Kalinowski J, Wendisch VF (2017)
Physiological roles of sigma factor SigD in Corynebacterium glutamicum.
BMC Microbiology 17: 158.
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