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2018 | Conference Abstract / Poster | PUB-ID: 2921330
Proficient brain activity in superior golf putting performance: An insight from the EEG and psychomotor efficiency
Cheng M-Y, Wang K-P, Koester D, Hung T-M, Schack T (2018)
Presented at the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, Denver, CO.
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2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2919845
Lifetime inbreeding depression in a leaf beetle
Müller T, Lamprecht T, Schrieber K (2018)
Ecology and Evolution 8: 1-10.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2921304
Effects of bottom-feeding fish juveniles on the vertical distribution of a meiofaunal community
Weber S, Majdi N, Traunspurger W (2018)
Hydrobiologia 820(1): 215-226.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2921305
Underreporting of stillbirths in Pakistan: perspectives of the parents, community and healthcare providers
Zakria Zakar M, Zakar R, Mustafa M, Jalil A, Fischer F (2018)
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 18(18): 302.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2921321
Bombardierkäfer - Dampfkessel im Feld - Biochemie und Bionik der Bombardierkäfer
Wegner C, Viehhauser A, Hammann M (2018)
MNU 2018(4): 252-257.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2917044 PUB | DOI | WoS
2018 | Preprint | PUB-ID: 2921316
Mitigating Concept Drift via Rejection
Göpfert JP, Hammer B, Wersing H (Accepted)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2915273
Interpretation of Linear Classifiers by Means of Feature Relevance Bounds
Göpfert C, Pfannschmidt L, Göpfert JP, Hammer B (2018)
Neurocomputing 298: 69-79.
2018 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2921314
Resource-efficient Reconfigurable Computer-on-Module for Embedded Vision Applications
Klimeck D, Meyer HG, Hagemeyer J, Porrmann M, Rückert U (2018)
Presented at the 29th Annual IEEE International Conference on Application-specific Systems, Architectures and Processors (ASAP 2018), Milan, Italy.
2018 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2921315
Development of Energy Models for Design Space Exploration of Embedded Many-Core Systems
Klarhorst C, Flasskamp M, Ax J, Jungeblut T, Kelly W, Porrmann M, Rückert U (2018)
Presented at the 6th International Workshop on High Performance Energy Efficient Embedded Systems (HIP3ES 2018), Manchester, United Kingdom.
2018 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2921313
An Analytical Study of Time of Flight Error Estimation in Two-Way Ranging Methods
Lian Sang C, Adams M, Hörmann T, Hesse M, Porrmann M, Rückert U (2018)
Presented at the 9th International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN 2018), Nantes, France.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2921311
Exploring parental perceptions and knowledge regarding breastfeeding practices in Rajanpur, Punjab Province, Pakistan
Zakar R, Zakar MZ, Zaheer L, Fischer F (2018)
International Breastfeeding Journal 13: 24.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2920331
Factors associated with caesarean deliveries among child-bearing women in Pakistan: secondary analysis of data from the Demographic and Health Survey, 2012-13
Amjad A, Amjad U, Zakar R, Usman A, Zakar MZ, Fischer F (2018)
BMC Pregnancy and childbirth 18(18): 113.
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2018 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2919598
Feasibility Based Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Metric Learning
Hosseini B, Hammer B (2018)
In: ESANN 2018. Proceedings of 26th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning. 219-224.
2018 | Book Chapter | PUB-ID: 2921287
Das deutsche „Wirtschaftswunder“, Mythos, Legende oder ein Erinnerungsort - Die Relevanz für Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache?
Koreik U (2018)
In: Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache & Kulturwissenschaft, Zugänge zu sozialen Wirklichkeiten. Schiedermair S (Ed); München: iudicium: 27-46.
2018 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2921291 PUB
2018 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2921302
The effects of teacher self-efficacy and experienced Biology lessons as a student at school on prospective teachers’ beliefs about teaching and learning Biology
Schumacher F, Basten M, Wilde M (2018)
Presented at the 12th Conference of the European Researchers in Didactics of Biology (ERIDOB), Zaraoza, Spain.
2018 | Book Chapter | PUB-ID: 2921149
Zur Rolle von Bibliotheken in digitalen Forschungsinfrastrukturen
Horstmann W (2018)
In: Kooperative Informationsinfrastrukturen als Chance und Herausforderung. Festschrift für Thomas Bürger zum 65. Geburtstag. Bonte A, Rehnolt J (Eds); Berlin: De Gruyter: 93-109.
2018 | Journal Article | PUB-ID: 2921303
Lehr- und Lernvorstellungen angehender Biologielehrender im Kontext des Praxissemesters
Schumacher F, Großmann N, Eckes A, Hüfner C (2018)
Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Biologie (ZDB) - Biologie Lehren und Lernen 22(1): 31-48.
2018 | Conference Paper | PUB-ID: 2921299
Collaborative care for animals in class – Effects on students’ relatedness and flow experience in biology lessons
Eckes A, Großmann N, Textor A, Wilde M (2018)
Presented at the 12th Conference of the European Researchers in Didactics of Biology (ERIDOB), Zaragoza, Spain.


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