A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting

Fitzek E, Delcamp A, Guichoux E, Hahn M, Lobdell M, Hipp AL (2018)
Ecology and Evolution 8(11): 5837-5851.

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Ecology and Evolution


Fitzek E, Delcamp A, Guichoux E, Hahn M, Lobdell M, Hipp AL. A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting. Ecology and Evolution. 2018;8(11):5837-5851.
Fitzek, E., Delcamp, A., Guichoux, E., Hahn, M., Lobdell, M., & Hipp, A. L. (2018). A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting. Ecology and Evolution, 8(11), 5837-5851. doi:10.1002/ece3.4122
Fitzek, E., Delcamp, A., Guichoux, E., Hahn, M., Lobdell, M., and Hipp, A. L. (2018). A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting. Ecology and Evolution 8, 5837-5851.
Fitzek, E., et al., 2018. A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting. Ecology and Evolution, 8(11), p 5837-5851.
E. Fitzek, et al., “A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting”, Ecology and Evolution, vol. 8, 2018, pp. 5837-5851.
Fitzek, E., Delcamp, A., Guichoux, E., Hahn, M., Lobdell, M., Hipp, A.L.: A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting. Ecology and Evolution. 8, 5837-5851 (2018).
Fitzek, Elisabeth, Delcamp, Adline, Guichoux, Erwan, Hahn, Marlene, Lobdell, Matthew, and Hipp, Andrew L. “A nuclear DNA barcode for eastern North American oaks and application to a study of hybridization in an Arboretum setting”. Ecology and Evolution 8.11 (2018): 5837-5851.
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