Confining forces

Rollmann D, Miller D (2015) .

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We discuss the forces on the internal constituents of the hadrons based onthe bag model. The ground state of the hadrons forms a color singlet so thatthe effects of the colored internal states are neutralized. From the breakingof the dilatation and conformal symmetries under the strong interactions thecorresponding currents are not conserved. These currents give rise to theforces changing the motion of the internal particles which causes confinement.
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Rollmann D, Miller D. Confining forces. 2015.
Rollmann, D., & Miller, D. (2015). Confining forces
Rollmann, D., and Miller, D. (2015). Confining forces.
Rollmann, D., & Miller, D., 2015. Confining forces.
D. Rollmann and D. Miller, “Confining forces”, 2015.
Rollmann, D., Miller, D.: Confining forces. (2015).
Rollmann, Dirk, and Miller, David. “Confining forces”. (2015).
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