Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion

Müller JEN, Meyer F, Litsanov B, Kiefer P, Potthoff E, Heux S, Quax W, Wendisch VF, Brautaset T, Portais J-C, Vorholt J (2015)
Metabolic Engineering 28: 190-201.

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Metabolic Engineering


Müller JEN, Meyer F, Litsanov B, et al. Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion. Metabolic Engineering. 2015;28:190-201.
Müller, J. E. N., Meyer, F., Litsanov, B., Kiefer, P., Potthoff, E., Heux, S., Quax, W., et al. (2015). Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion. Metabolic Engineering, 28, 190-201. doi:10.1016/j.ymben.2014.12.008
Müller, J. E. N., Meyer, F., Litsanov, B., Kiefer, P., Potthoff, E., Heux, S., Quax, W., Wendisch, V. F., Brautaset, T., Portais, J. - C., et al. (2015). Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion. Metabolic Engineering 28, 190-201.
Müller, J.E.N., et al., 2015. Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion. Metabolic Engineering, 28, p 190-201.
J.E.N. Müller, et al., “Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion”, Metabolic Engineering, vol. 28, 2015, pp. 190-201.
Müller, J.E.N., Meyer, F., Litsanov, B., Kiefer, P., Potthoff, E., Heux, S., Quax, W., Wendisch, V.F., Brautaset, T., Portais, J.-C., Vorholt, J.: Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion. Metabolic Engineering. 28, 190-201 (2015).
Müller, Jonas E. N., Meyer, Fabian, Litsanov, Boris, Kiefer, Patrick, Potthoff, Eva, Heux, Stephanie, Quax, Wim, Wendisch, Volker F., Brautaset, Trygve, Portais, Jean-Charles, and Vorholt, Julia. “Engineering *Escherichia coli* for methanol conversion”. Metabolic Engineering 28 (2015): 190-201.

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