Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides

Zangana KH, Pineda EM, McInnes EJL, Schnack J, Winpenny REP (2014)
Chemical Communications 50(12): 1438-1440.

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Abstract / Bemerkung
Two {Ln(10)} cages are reported (Ln = Dy or Gd) which feature a nine-metal ring surrounding a central metal site. Magnetic studies show weak anti-ferromagnetic exchange around the nine-metal ring, which should create spin frustration.
Chemical Communications


Zangana KH, Pineda EM, McInnes EJL, Schnack J, Winpenny REP. Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides. Chemical Communications. 2014;50(12):1438-1440.
Zangana, K. H., Pineda, E. M., McInnes, E. J. L., Schnack, J., & Winpenny, R. E. P. (2014). Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides. Chemical Communications, 50(12), 1438-1440. doi:10.1039/c3cc48708c
Zangana, K. H., Pineda, E. M., McInnes, E. J. L., Schnack, J., and Winpenny, R. E. P. (2014). Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides. Chemical Communications 50, 1438-1440.
Zangana, K.H., et al., 2014. Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides. Chemical Communications, 50(12), p 1438-1440.
K.H. Zangana, et al., “Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides”, Chemical Communications, vol. 50, 2014, pp. 1438-1440.
Zangana, K.H., Pineda, E.M., McInnes, E.J.L., Schnack, J., Winpenny, R.E.P.: Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides. Chemical Communications. 50, 1438-1440 (2014).
Zangana, Karzan H., Pineda, Eufemio Moreno, McInnes, Eric J. L., Schnack, Jürgen, and Winpenny, Richard E. P. “Centred nine-metal rings of lanthanides”. Chemical Communications 50.12 (2014): 1438-1440.

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