Interactive graphics design with situated agents

Wachsmuth I, Cao Y (1995)
In: Graphics and Robotics. Strasser W, Wahl F (Eds); Berlin Heidelberg: Springer: 73-85.

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Strasser, Wolfgang ; Wahl, Friedrich
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Along with sophisticated techniques for natural visualization and rapidly increasing power of modern graphics Workstations, high-quality 3D graphics is becoming most attractive for design and Simulation. One area in which this new media proves especially useful is architecture and interior design. For example, the visualization of an office room or a building prior to its physical realization could help a designer to obtain realistic impressions of a construction while it is evolving and give free way to imagination at the same time. It is one of the aims that, eventually, a designer is able to explore, and interact with, a manipulable environment without wasting physical matter and with the ability to readily change the immaterial model.
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Wachsmuth I, Cao Y. Interactive graphics design with situated agents. In: Strasser W, Wahl F, eds. Graphics and Robotics. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer; 1995: 73-85.
Wachsmuth, I., & Cao, Y. (1995). Interactive graphics design with situated agents. In W. Strasser & F. Wahl (Eds.), Graphics and Robotics (pp. 73-85). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-79210-6_5
Wachsmuth, I., and Cao, Y. (1995). “Interactive graphics design with situated agents” in Graphics and Robotics, Strasser, W., and Wahl, F. eds. (Berlin Heidelberg: Springer), 73-85.
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Wachsmuth, I., Cao, Y.: Interactive graphics design with situated agents. In: Strasser, W. and Wahl, F. (eds.) Graphics and Robotics. p. 73-85. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg (1995).
Wachsmuth, Ipke, and Cao, Yong. “Interactive graphics design with situated agents”. Graphics and Robotics. Ed. Wolfgang Strasser and Friedrich Wahl. Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, 1995. 73-85.
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