Sonification of the Human EEG

Hermann T, Baier G (2013)
In: Sonic Interaction Design. Franinović K, Serafin S (Eds); Cambridge, USA: MIT Press: 285-297.

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Franinović, Karmen ; Serafin, Stefania
This application overview summarizes the ideas, techniques, and potential application domains of the sonification of the human electroencephalogram (EEG). We start by explaining why sonification is a particularly promising tool to understand EEG data; then we review early uses of sound for the investigation of the electric brain activity, followed by a design-oriented explanation of different techniques for sonifying EEG data, many of which have been introduced by the authors. We supply sonification examples on an accompanying Web site so that the information content and aesthetics of the sonifications can be directly perceived. Finally, we give an outlook on how EEG sonification can change clinical procedures in the near future, focusing particularly on the potential of interactive sonification.
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Hermann T, Baier G. Sonification of the Human EEG. In: Franinović K, Serafin S, eds. Sonic Interaction Design. Cambridge, USA: MIT Press; 2013: 285-297.
Hermann, T., & Baier, G. (2013). Sonification of the Human EEG. In K. Franinović & S. Serafin (Eds.), Sonic Interaction Design (pp. 285-297). Cambridge, USA: MIT Press.
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Hermann, Thomas, and Baier, Gerold. “Sonification of the Human EEG”. Sonic Interaction Design. Ed. Karmen Franinović and Stefania Serafin. Cambridge, USA: MIT Press, 2013. 285-297.
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Hermann T, Baier G (2013) : Bielefeld University. doi:10.4119/unibi/2694807.
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