Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison

Jünemann S, Sedlazeck FJ, Prior K, Albersmeier A, John U, Kalinowski J, Mellmann A, Goesmann A, von Haeseler A, Stoye J, Harmsen D (2013)
Nature Biotechnology 31(4): 294-296.

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Jünemann S, Sedlazeck FJ, Prior K, et al. Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison. Nature Biotechnology. 2013;31(4):294-296.
Jünemann, S., Sedlazeck, F. J., Prior, K., Albersmeier, A., John, U., Kalinowski, J., Mellmann, A., et al. (2013). Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison. Nature Biotechnology, 31(4), 294-296. doi:10.1038/nbt.2522
Jünemann, S., Sedlazeck, F. J., Prior, K., Albersmeier, A., John, U., Kalinowski, J., Mellmann, A., Goesmann, A., von Haeseler, A., Stoye, J., et al. (2013). Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison. Nature Biotechnology 31, 294-296.
Jünemann, S., et al., 2013. Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison. Nature Biotechnology, 31(4), p 294-296.
S. Jünemann, et al., “Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison”, Nature Biotechnology, vol. 31, 2013, pp. 294-296.
Jünemann, S., Sedlazeck, F.J., Prior, K., Albersmeier, A., John, U., Kalinowski, J., Mellmann, A., Goesmann, A., von Haeseler, A., Stoye, J., Harmsen, D.: Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison. Nature Biotechnology. 31, 294-296 (2013).
Jünemann, Sebastian, Sedlazeck, Fritz Joachim, Prior, Karola, Albersmeier, Andreas, John, Uwe, Kalinowski, Jörn, Mellmann, Alexander, Goesmann, Alexander, von Haeseler, Arndt, Stoye, Jens, and Harmsen, Dag. “Updating benchtop sequencing performance comparison”. Nature Biotechnology 31.4 (2013): 294-296.
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