Automated computation meets hot QCD

Ghisoiu I, Schroeder Y (2012)
In: PoS., LL2012. 063.

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We give a short review on recent progress in the field of automatedcalculations in finite-temperature field theory, where integration-by-partstechniques have proven (almost) as useful as in the zero-temperature case.Furthermore, we provide one concrete example of an evaluation of a newthree-loop master sum-integral that exhibits maximal divergence.
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Ghisoiu I, Schroeder Y. Automated computation meets hot QCD. In: PoS. Vol LL2012. 2012: 063.
Ghisoiu, I., & Schroeder, Y. (2012). Automated computation meets hot QCD. PoS, LL2012, 063
Ghisoiu, I., and Schroeder, Y. (2012). “Automated computation meets hot QCD” in PoS, vol. LL2012, 063.
Ghisoiu, I., & Schroeder, Y., 2012. Automated computation meets hot QCD. In PoS. no.LL2012 pp. 063.
I. Ghisoiu and Y. Schroeder, “Automated computation meets hot QCD”, PoS, vol. LL2012, 2012, pp.063.
Ghisoiu, I., Schroeder, Y.: Automated computation meets hot QCD. PoS. LL2012, p. 063. (2012).
Ghisoiu, Ioan, and Schroeder, York. “Automated computation meets hot QCD”. PoS. 2012.Vol. LL2012. 063.
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