Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically

Danisman S, van der Wal F, Dhondt S, Waites R, de Folter S, Bimbo A, van Dijk A-J, Muino JM, Cutri L, Dornelas MC, Angenent GC, et al. (2012)
Plant physiology 159(4): 1511-1523.

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TEOSINTE BRANCHED1/CYCLOIDEA/PROLIFERATING CELL FACTOR1 (TCP) transcription factors control developmental processes in plants. The 24 TCP transcription factors encoded in the Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) genome are divided into two classes, class I and class II TCPs, which are proposed to act antagonistically. We performed a detailed phenotypic analysis of the class I tcp20 mutant, showing an increase in leaf pavement cell sizes in 10-d-old seedlings. Subsequently, a glucocorticoid receptor induction assay was performed, aiming to identify potential target genes of the TCP20 protein during leaf development. The LIPOXYGENASE2 (LOX2) and class I TCP9 genes were identified as TCP20 targets, and binding of TCP20 to their regulatory sequences could be confirmed by chromatin immunoprecipitation analyses. LOX2 encodes for a jasmonate biosynthesis gene, which is also targeted by class II TCP proteins that are under the control of the microRNA JAGGED AND WAVY (JAW), although in an antagonistic manner. Mutation of TCP9, the second identified TCP20 target, resulted in increased pavement cell sizes during early leaf developmental stages. Analysis of senescence in the single tcp9 and tcp20 mutants and the tcp9tcp20 double mutants showed an earlier onset of this process in comparison with wild-type control plants in the double mutant only. Both the cell size and senescence phenotypes are opposite to the known class II TCP mutant phenotype in JAW plants. Altogether, these results point to an antagonistic function of class I and class II TCP proteins in the control of leaf development via the jasmonate signaling pathway.
Plant physiology


Danisman S, van der Wal F, Dhondt S, et al. Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically. Plant physiology. 2012;159(4):1511-1523.
Danisman, S., van der Wal, F., Dhondt, S., Waites, R., de Folter, S., Bimbo, A., van Dijk, A. - J., et al. (2012). Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically. Plant physiology, 159(4), 1511-1523. doi:10.1104/pp.112.200303
Danisman, S., van der Wal, F., Dhondt, S., Waites, R., de Folter, S., Bimbo, A., van Dijk, A. - J., Muino, J. M., Cutri, L., Dornelas, M. C., et al. (2012). Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically. Plant physiology 159, 1511-1523.
Danisman, S., et al., 2012. Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically. Plant physiology, 159(4), p 1511-1523.
S. Danisman, et al., “Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically”, Plant physiology, vol. 159, 2012, pp. 1511-1523.
Danisman, S., van der Wal, F., Dhondt, S., Waites, R., de Folter, S., Bimbo, A., van Dijk, A.-J., Muino, J.M., Cutri, L., Dornelas, M.C., Angenent, G.C., Immink, R.G.H.: Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically. Plant physiology. 159, 1511-1523 (2012).
Danisman, Selahattin, van der Wal, Froukje, Dhondt, Stijn, Waites, Richard, de Folter, Stefan, Bimbo, Andrea, van Dijk, Aalt-Jan, Muino, Jose M, Cutri, Lucas, Dornelas, Marcelo C, Angenent, Gerco C, and Immink, Richard G H. “Arabidopsis Class I and Class II TCP Transcription Factors Regulate Jasmonic Acid Metabolism and Leaf Development Antagonistically”. Plant physiology 159.4 (2012): 1511-1523.

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