Interactive Social Displays

Pfeiffer T, Latoschik ME (2007) .

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The mediation of social presence is one of the most interesting challenges of modern communication technology. The proposed metaphor of Interactive Social Displays describes new ways of interactions with multi-/crossmodal interfaces prepared for a psychologically augmented communication. A first prototype demonstrates the application of this metaphor in a teleconferencing scenario.
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Pfeiffer T, Latoschik ME. Interactive Social Displays.; 2007.
Pfeiffer, T., & Latoschik, M. E. (2007). Interactive Social Displays.
Pfeiffer, T., and Latoschik, M. E. (2007). Interactive Social Displays.
Pfeiffer, T., & Latoschik, M.E., 2007. Interactive Social Displays,
T. Pfeiffer and M.E. Latoschik, Interactive Social Displays, 2007.
Pfeiffer, T., Latoschik, M.E.: Interactive Social Displays. (2007).
Pfeiffer, Thies, and Latoschik, Marc E. Interactive Social Displays. 2007.
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