Prior entry: A review.

Spence C, Parise C (2010)
Consciousness & Cognition 19: 364-379.

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Consciousness & Cognition


Spence C, Parise C. Prior entry: A review. Consciousness & Cognition. 2010;19:364-379.
Spence, C., & Parise, C. (2010). Prior entry: A review. Consciousness & Cognition, 19, 364-379. doi:10.1016/j.concog.2009.12.001
Spence, C., and Parise, C. (2010). Prior entry: A review. Consciousness & Cognition 19, 364-379.
Spence, C., & Parise, C., 2010. Prior entry: A review. Consciousness & Cognition, 19, p 364-379.
C. Spence and C. Parise, “Prior entry: A review.”, Consciousness & Cognition, vol. 19, 2010, pp. 364-379.
Spence, C., Parise, C.: Prior entry: A review. Consciousness & Cognition. 19, 364-379 (2010).
Spence, Charles, and Parise, Cesare. “Prior entry: A review.”. Consciousness & Cognition 19 (2010): 364-379.

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