Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification

Woyke T, Sczyrba A, Lee J, Rinke C, Tighe D, Clingenpeel S, Malmstrom R, Stepanauskas R, Cheng J-F (2011)
PLoS ONE 6(10): e26161.

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Woyke T, Sczyrba A, Lee J, et al. Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification. PLoS ONE. 2011;6(10):e26161.
Woyke, T., Sczyrba, A., Lee, J., Rinke, C., Tighe, D., Clingenpeel, S., Malmstrom, R., et al. (2011). Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification. PLoS ONE, 6(10), e26161. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0026161
Woyke, T., Sczyrba, A., Lee, J., Rinke, C., Tighe, D., Clingenpeel, S., Malmstrom, R., Stepanauskas, R., and Cheng, J. - F. (2011). Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification. PLoS ONE 6, e26161.
Woyke, T., et al., 2011. Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification. PLoS ONE, 6(10), p e26161.
T. Woyke, et al., “Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification”, PLoS ONE, vol. 6, 2011, pp. e26161.
Woyke, T., Sczyrba, A., Lee, J., Rinke, C., Tighe, D., Clingenpeel, S., Malmstrom, R., Stepanauskas, R., Cheng, J.-F.: Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification. PLoS ONE. 6, e26161 (2011).
Woyke, Tanja, Sczyrba, Alexander, Lee, Janey, Rinke, Christian, Tighe, Damon, Clingenpeel, Scott, Malmstrom, Rex, Stepanauskas, Ramunas, and Cheng, Jan-Fang. “Decontamination of MDA Reagents for Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification”. PLoS ONE 6.10 (2011): e26161.
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