On prefix normal words

Lipták Z, Fici G (2011)
In: LNCS., 6795. Springer: 228-238.

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15th International Conference on Developments in Language Theory (DLT 2011)

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Lipták Z, Fici G. On prefix normal words. In: LNCS. Vol 6795. Springer; 2011: 228-238.
Lipták, Z., & Fici, G. (2011). On prefix normal words. LNCS, 6795, 228-238. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-22321-1_20
Lipták, Z., and Fici, G. (2011). “On prefix normal words” in LNCS, vol. 6795, (Springer), 228-238.
Lipták, Z., & Fici, G., 2011. On prefix normal words. In LNCS. no.6795 Springer, pp. 228-238.
Z. Lipták and G. Fici, “On prefix normal words”, LNCS, vol. 6795, Springer, 2011, pp.228-238.
Lipták, Z., Fici, G.: On prefix normal words. LNCS. 6795, p. 228-238. Springer (2011).
Lipták, Zsuzsanna, and Fici, Gabriele. “On prefix normal words”. LNCS. Springer, 2011.Vol. 6795. 228-238.
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