QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling

Su N (2011)
In: AIP Conf.Proc., 1343. 510-512.

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The weak-coupling expansion of the QCD free energy is known to orderg_s^6log{g_s}, however, the resulting series is poorly convergent atphenomenologically relevant temperatures. In this proceedings, I discusshard-thermal-loop perturbation theory (HTLpt) which is a gauge-invariantreorganization of the perturbative expansion for gauge theories. I review arecent NNLO HTLpt calculation of QCD thermodynamic functions. I show that theNNLO HTLpt results are consistent with lattice data down to temperaturesT~2T_c.
Titel des Konferenzbandes
AIP Conf.Proc.


Su N. QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling. In: AIP Conf.Proc. Vol 1343. 2011: 510-512.
Su, N. (2011). QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling. AIP Conf.Proc., 1343, 510-512. doi:10.1063/1.3575078
Su, N. (2011). “QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling” in AIP Conf.Proc., vol. 1343, 510-512.
Su, N., 2011. QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling. In AIP Conf.Proc. no.1343 pp. 510-512.
N. Su, “QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling”, AIP Conf.Proc., vol. 1343, 2011, pp.510-512.
Su, N.: QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling. AIP Conf.Proc. 1343, p. 510-512. (2011).
Su, Nan. “QCD Thermodynamics at Intermediate Coupling”. AIP Conf.Proc. 2011.Vol. 1343. 510-512.


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