Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases

Dierks T, Lecca MR, Schlotterhose P, Schmidt B, Figura von K (1999)
EMBO JOURNAL 18(8): 2084-2091.

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Sulfatases carry at their catalytic site a unique posttranslational modification, an alpha-formylglycine residue that is essential for enzyme activity. Formylglycine is generated by oxidation of a conserved cysteine or, in some prokaryotic sulfatases, serine residue. In eukaryotes, this oxidation occurs in the endoplasmic reticulum during or shortly after import of the nascent sulfatase polypeptide, The modification of arylsulfatase A was studied in vitro and was found to be directed by a short linear sequence, CTPSR, starting with the cysteine to be modified. Mutational analyses showed that the cysteine, proline and arginine are the key residues within this motif, whereas formylglycine formation tolerated the individual, but not the simultaneous substitution of the threonine or serine. The CTPSR moth was transferred to a heterologous protein leading to low-efficient formylglycine formation. The efficiency reached control values when seven additional residues (AALLTGR) directly following the CTPSR moth in arylsulfatase A were present. Mutating up to four residues simultaneously within this heptamer sequence inhibited the modification only moderately. AALLTGR may, therefore, have an auxiliary function in presenting the core motif to the modifying enzyme. Within the two moths, the key residues are fully, and other residues are highly conserved among all known members of the sulfatase family.
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Dierks T, Lecca MR, Schlotterhose P, Schmidt B, Figura von K. Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases. EMBO JOURNAL. 1999;18(8):2084-2091.
Dierks, T., Lecca, M. R., Schlotterhose, P., Schmidt, B., & Figura von, K. (1999). Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases. EMBO JOURNAL, 18(8), 2084-2091. doi:10.1093/emboj/18.8.2084
Dierks, T., Lecca, M. R., Schlotterhose, P., Schmidt, B., and Figura von, K. (1999). Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases. EMBO JOURNAL 18, 2084-2091.
Dierks, T., et al., 1999. Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases. EMBO JOURNAL, 18(8), p 2084-2091.
T. Dierks, et al., “Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases”, EMBO JOURNAL, vol. 18, 1999, pp. 2084-2091.
Dierks, T., Lecca, M.R., Schlotterhose, P., Schmidt, B., Figura von, K.: Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases. EMBO JOURNAL. 18, 2084-2091 (1999).
Dierks, Thomas, Lecca, MR, Schlotterhose, P, Schmidt, B, and Figura von, K. “Sequence determinants directing conversion of cysteine to formylglycine in eukaryotic sulfatases”. EMBO JOURNAL 18.8 (1999): 2084-2091.
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