Decisions Made Better

Ernst MO (2010)
Science 329(5995): 1022-1023.

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Ernst MO. Decisions Made Better. Science. 2010;329(5995):1022-1023.
Ernst, M. O. (2010). Decisions Made Better. Science, 329(5995), 1022-1023. doi:10.1126/science.1194920
Ernst, M. O. (2010). Decisions Made Better. Science 329, 1022-1023.
Ernst, M.O., 2010. Decisions Made Better. Science, 329(5995), p 1022-1023.
M.O. Ernst, “Decisions Made Better”, Science, vol. 329, 2010, pp. 1022-1023.
Ernst, M.O.: Decisions Made Better. Science. 329, 1022-1023 (2010).
Ernst, Marc O. “Decisions Made Better”. Science 329.5995 (2010): 1022-1023.
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