Rammstedt O (1987)
Soziologische Revue 10(4): 488-489.

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This article presents the author's critical reply to the review written by Carsten Klingemann on the book "Deutsche Soziologie 1933-1945." The author comments on the fact that Klingemann has deemed the book useful, but, according to the author, mistakes were made in the book review. The author takes issue especially with the misapplication of the words "Wissen" and "Wertung" and a misinterpretation of the text regarding Leopold von Wiese's membership as a German sociologist.
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Rammstedt O. Diskussion. Soziologische Revue. 1987;10(4):488-489.
Rammstedt, O. (1987). Diskussion. Soziologische Revue, 10(4), 488-489.
Rammstedt, O. (1987). Diskussion. Soziologische Revue 10, 488-489.
Rammstedt, O., 1987. Diskussion. Soziologische Revue, 10(4), p 488-489.
O. Rammstedt, “Diskussion”, Soziologische Revue, vol. 10, 1987, pp. 488-489.
Rammstedt, O.: Diskussion. Soziologische Revue. 10, 488-489 (1987).
Rammstedt, Otthein. “Diskussion”. Soziologische Revue 10.4 (1987): 488-489.
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