Screening at finite temperature and density

Kaczmarek O (2007)
In: PoS., 2007. 043.

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We present lattice QCD results on heavy quark free energies, extract from its temperature dependence entropy and internal energy contributions, and discuss the onset of medium effects that lead to screening of static quark-antiquark sources in a thermal medium. Most results are obtained in (2+1)-flavour QCD on a line of constant physics with almost realistic quark masses and compared to previous results from 2-flavor QCD as well as pure gauge theory. Furthermore, we discuss results on the density dependence of screening masses that have been obtained using a leading order Taylor expansion in the baryon chemical potential.
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Kaczmarek O. Screening at finite temperature and density. In: PoS. Vol 2007. 2007: 043.
Kaczmarek, O. (2007). Screening at finite temperature and density. PoS, 2007, 043
Kaczmarek, O. (2007). “Screening at finite temperature and density” in PoS, vol. 2007, 043.
Kaczmarek, O., 2007. Screening at finite temperature and density. In PoS. no.2007 pp. 043.
O. Kaczmarek, “Screening at finite temperature and density”, PoS, vol. 2007, 2007, pp.043.
Kaczmarek, O.: Screening at finite temperature and density. PoS. 2007, p. 043. (2007).
Kaczmarek, Olaf. “Screening at finite temperature and density”. PoS. 2007.Vol. 2007. 043.
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