Cosmological backreaction

Schwarz D (2010)

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This work summarises some of the attempts to explain the phenomenon of dark energy as an effective description of complex gravitational physics and the proper interpretation of observations. Cosmological backreaction has been shown to be relevant for observational (precision) cosmology, nevertheless no convincing explanation of dark energy by means of backreaction has been given so far.
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Schwarz D. Cosmological backreaction. arXiv:1003.3026. 2010.
Schwarz, D. (2010). Cosmological backreaction. arXiv:1003.3026
Schwarz, D. (2010). Cosmological backreaction. arXiv:1003.3026.
Schwarz, D., 2010. Cosmological backreaction. arXiv:1003.3026.
D. Schwarz, “Cosmological backreaction”, arXiv:1003.3026, 2010.
Schwarz, D.: Cosmological backreaction. arXiv:1003.3026. (2010).
Schwarz, Dominik. “Cosmological backreaction”. arXiv:1003.3026 (2010).
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