Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis

Kollmann K, Mutenda KE, Balleininger M, Eckermann E, von Figura K, Schmidt B, Lübke T (2005)
Proteomics 5(15): 3966-3978.

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Kollmann K, Mutenda KE, Balleininger M, et al. Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics. 2005;5(15):3966-3978.
Kollmann, K., Mutenda, K. E., Balleininger, M., Eckermann, E., von Figura, K., Schmidt, B., & Lübke, T. (2005). Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics, 5(15), 3966-3978. doi:10.1002/pmic.200401247
Kollmann, K., Mutenda, K. E., Balleininger, M., Eckermann, E., von Figura, K., Schmidt, B., and Lübke, T. (2005). Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics 5, 3966-3978.
Kollmann, K., et al., 2005. Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics, 5(15), p 3966-3978.
K. Kollmann, et al., “Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis”, Proteomics, vol. 5, 2005, pp. 3966-3978.
Kollmann, K., Mutenda, K.E., Balleininger, M., Eckermann, E., von Figura, K., Schmidt, B., Lübke, T.: Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics. 5, 3966-3978 (2005).
Kollmann, Katrin, Mutenda, Kudzai E., Balleininger, Martina, Eckermann, Ellen, von Figura, Kurt, Schmidt, Bernhard, and Lübke, Torben. “Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis”. Proteomics 5.15 (2005): 3966-3978.
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