Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell

Gölzhäuser A, Wöll C (2010)
CHEMPHYSCHEM 11(15): 3201-3213.

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Gölzhäuser A, Wöll C. Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell. CHEMPHYSCHEM. 2010;11(15):3201-3213.
Gölzhäuser, A., & Wöll, C. (2010). Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell. CHEMPHYSCHEM, 11(15), 3201-3213. doi:10.1002/cphc.201000488
Gölzhäuser, A., and Wöll, C. (2010). Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell. CHEMPHYSCHEM 11, 3201-3213.
Gölzhäuser, A., & Wöll, C., 2010. Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell. CHEMPHYSCHEM, 11(15), p 3201-3213.
A. Gölzhäuser and C. Wöll, “Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell”, CHEMPHYSCHEM, vol. 11, 2010, pp. 3201-3213.
Gölzhäuser, A., Wöll, C.: Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell. CHEMPHYSCHEM. 11, 3201-3213 (2010).
Gölzhäuser, Armin, and Wöll, Christof. “Interfacial Systems Chemistry: Out of the Vacuum - Through the Liquid - Into the Cell”. CHEMPHYSCHEM 11.15 (2010): 3201-3213.

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